Frappe Pencil - Brush pack for Procreate

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The Frappe Pencil is my own customized version of Procreate's default 6B Pencil. It's my go-to brush for just about everything that isn't coloring. It just feels nice to use.

Frappe Pencil Neo
A brush with a tapered end and a variable width that's well suited for quick and loose sketching. A variant that I only made recently but is quickly becoming my new favorite, thus the "Neo" title.

Frappe Pencil
The original, a pencil brush with a focus on keeping a consistent line thickness with minimal smoothing.

Frappe Pencil Smooth
A version of the original with even more smoothing for when you need to do "fancy roughs".

Double Frappe Smooth
The Smooth Frappe except it draws two lines at once! A very situational brush that I'd only recommend for neat effects.

Double Frappe Wide
Same as the Double Frappe, but there's a larger gap between the lines. Works better for "double outlines" than the Double Frappe Smooth.

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Q: Can I use these brushes for commercial works?
A: Yes! You are allowed to freely use these brushes for commercial works. But keep in mind you are NOT allowed to sell these brushes or include them in paid brush packs. Please keep the Frappe pencil free for everyone!

Q: Are these brushes available for Photoshop or CSP?
A: No. This brush pack is only available for Procreate.

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Some neat pencil brushes

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Frappe Pencil - Brush pack for Procreate

8 ratings
I want this!